The "Wambashoeve" is a brilliant historical quadrangular abbey among the Flemish Ardennen.
It is a free farm surrounded by nature.
The farm was restored and is still active.
From the public highway one notices with difficulty the farm because it’s hidden behind a comb of hill.
The farm looks out over a beautiful and intact landscape of which you can hardly believe that something of this kind still exists.

We possess 120 head of cattle. 2/3 is East Flanders red-fur crossed with red-Holstein and is breaded for milk-production.
1/3 are crossed with the Belgian white blue race and is breaded for meat-production

The grounds of culture consist of approximately 50ha of which the half is pasture and other half cultivable grounds.
On the cultivable grounds, we cultivate 3 ha of beet, 7 ha of corn and 10ha of corn.
The cows go on 7ha of pasture ground around the farm surrounded by pollard-willows.

In collaboration with the room of provincial agriculture, we put approximately 7 signs of the mouse Pierlepein all around
the farm and on the grounds. The small mouse is very curious and raises certain questions concerning the farm and the life of farmer.

Beside agriculture and cattle-breeding there is another great activity on the farm; there is to know the presence of a
colony of recognized swallows.
The house-martins built +/- 46 nests in the eaves of the house.
In the cattle sheds there are approximately 18 nests of barn swallows.
They feel so comfortable and are massively present.
After a search for by the association of nature "Wielewaal" appeared that the house-martins are the last in the area.

Considering the farm is entirely insulated and therefore cannot be connected
to the public sewerage system, we purify our water ourselves.
This is as well coming from the cleaning of the milk-installation, as from the toilets and the showers
of the guesthouses and the private housings.