Walks & Bicycle Rides

     The farm is an ideal operating base to take walks and to go for a bicycle ride.
     All possible maps and routes are lend out to you, and we can give you a
     word of explanation with it .
     For the walkers amongst us, we have the map 'groot Geraardsbergen'. The G-R route
passes along the farm and we are one of the quietest places in the silent territory.
There is also the nature educational route 'Helix' . For the cyclists amongst us, we have nothing less than the
2 last mountain hills of the 'Ronde Van Vlaanderen', being 'de Muur' en 'de Bosberg'.
We are located along the R.V.V.-route and with the help of 'fietsnetwerk Vlaamse Ardennen' you can rough out your
own route by the points of junction (the farm between 76 and 80).  You can also follow one of the three Bloso mountain
bike routes. For those who want to take it easier, there is the tow-path along the Dender and the historical culture
routes. We are removed by hundred meters of the LF-routes (LF6a en b. LF38) and the pilgrimage route Compostella.
More info :  www.fietsroute.org


Recreation Domain "Gavers"

     This domain is on Onkerzele ground. It is the place to be if you like sports and play.
     around a pond. There is a lake with a beach, playground for children, tropical swimming
     pool and terrace upon the roof, as well as different sports-grounds.
     Next to the domain, the Dender finds its way in-between the pastures and the trees.
Leaving in Ath, through Geraardsbergen, to Ninove, Aalst till Dendermonde you have the tow path along which you
can bike at your ease. And why not take a trip on the water with the river craft or a canoe ?
Tip : a walk along the pond by moonlight (3,5km) !
More info :  www.degavers.be


Location of Bikes

     A perfect way to discover our region, is on foot or by bike, therefore we put some
     bikes at your disposal and this for the democratic price of : 6€ per day/bike,
     12€/bike for three days en 20€/bike for a week.


Roughed out Routes

     For those who aren't sportsmanlike, you have the possibility to explorer the region by car.
     There is the 'Vlaamse Ardennenroute' and the 'Denderroute Zuid'.


The Helix

     The Helix doesn't only wants to give information and comprehension about
     nature and environment of the proper area, it also wants to incite us to deal
     with the environment in a durable way, whereby sparing the environment is central.
More info :  www.dehelix.be


Park Pairi Daiza (Paradisio)

Pairi Daiza (Paradisio) is a splendid zoo where the emphasis lies on game
and education of children.

More info :  www.pairidaiza.eu



     Geraardsbergen is a cultural city and its most famous inhabitant is 'Manneken Pis'.
     On the market-square you can enjoy a 'mattentaart' (=special origin cake) and a drink
     on a terrace, or you can visit the 'Sint-Adriaansabdij' and its museums, the park, .
     the 'Oudenberg' with chapel of the 'Muur'.  
More info :  www.geraardsbergen.be


Theatre Focus 

     Watch a movie or go to the theatre, one place, "De Focus"


More info :  www.cinemafocus.be